Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zabanya Saga Wip Chapter 7


I finished Priming, yay! Some stuff looks a little sloppy but this was the first time I've tried modifications like this and wasn't sure how they'd come out after paint. I'm going to clean up some spots. However, for the most part I'm just going to finish painting it and apply what I've learned to my next build. I'm not too sure when I'm going to start actually painting this guy but hopefully I'll get it done by next weekend.

Hope you like what I did with the shield bits, I think they will look pretty cool once painted and with a few decals.

Unfortunately though I have some bad news. While I was assembling the shoulder bits I kind of turned the left one the wrong way and the peg that attaches it broke off and is now stuck in the shoulder. Looking back now I wonder why I didn't reinforce it... (shrugs). Anyway, I'll try and fix it but worst case scenario will be no shoulder bits or only one. Which I'm not that bummed about because I think the way the shoulders are shaped now is much more pleasing than the original (imo). So here are some pictures of the shoulder bits.

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