Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Musical inspiration

A little while ago Kriz did a great post on some of the things that inspire him to help prevent burn out HERE. I wanted to do a similar kinda post but narrowed down to just music. I may do a post in the future on where I get inspiration for designs but this is all for now.

One of the things I love about Gunpla is it allows you to sit down, listen to some music and it takes your mind off things. When I'm working music often dictates the pace in which proceed and sometimes leads to new ideas. I kind of choose my music in an odd way. I often picture whether or not it would be something I would have on my playlist if I took a trip into space. That said, I have a lot of electronic and alternative in my current music library. I thought insead of just listing off bands and songs I would provide some links to some of the music that is most inspirational to me.

I have to start with Daft Punk. Its kind of odd because I started building Gundam models at the same time I started to listen to Daft's music way back when and it's something I still do. In fact one of the reasons I wanted to make this post is because the TRON soundtrack came out today (which Daft Punk scored). It's definitely something I'll be listening to while I work.

Here are is an assortment of random others I listen to while I work to fuel my creativity.

So that's the gist of it. I'm interested to see what everyone else listens to while they work. Hope you enjoyed.

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    Derezzed is the best,
    Check out The mexican-taint located on my side bar. (surprise)


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