Saturday, December 25, 2010

GG INFINITE: G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest

I saw that GG is hosting a gunpla photo contest! It sounds pretty cool and is a great opportunity to share your gunpla. There are five categories consisting of 1)Best Gunpla Photo, 2)Best Diorama, 3)Best Customized Gunpla, 4)Best Paint Job and 5)Best Straight Build. And as most contests go, each category will win a prize. To check out the rules and prize info check out the G Shot page: G SHOT. Lastly, I wanted to mention that Don Carlos (DC23), Syd Sked, Derringer and Gundam Guy himself will be the judges for this contest. So here's an opportunity to try and impress some really talented gunpla builders.

I think I may clean up some photos of the Zabanya Ver.Z2 for the Best customized category. Don't really know what my chances are, but it won't hurt to enter.


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