Friday, January 7, 2011

Zeong Bear Chapter 3


So I've been working on little things here and there on the Zbear while also working on the thrusters and backpack stuff. I got a few things accomplished thought I'd share the progress. For one I finally close the gap on the tail of the skirts that cracked away. I originally had it fixed and filled the underside with putty but I think I might have the wrong kind of putty cause it sort of ate through the pla. Almost like it melted. Its worked fine on other things befroe but I think the large amount of putty I used to fill in the space is to blame. Also just keep in mind a lot of this stuff still needs some clean up.

I also came up with a, what I think is cool, detail under the collar piece. After I cut away this sort of serrated lip thing, I put some pla across the gap and punched some holes for some pla tube. Then I put some metal beads on the tubes and now there's a neat piping feature under the collar. NOTE: I added some more pla and some other stuff to this later but I don't have any pics of it. And these pictures aren't in order of date that's why there is a random piece of pla in between the pipes.

Saved the best for last. I finally got around to attaching the ball socket poly cap to the torso. And after seeing how the struts looked that hold up the piece from the 00 Raiser's ankle, I decided to add some pla to cover them up. I haven't glued the struts on yet, I still a bit of cleaning and testing to do before this thing will be securely attached. At least you'll be able to see how the torso can articulate now. I'll still have a lot of detailing to do to fill in the space around the waist. You might even see some pistons used, we'll see.

Now the torso can lean backwards, like before, but also forwards a bit. It can lean side to side, so much so that it was tipping over, haha. The final product probably won't lean that far. What I'm most happy about, is that it can now rotate. Hopefully once I detail this up it will retain all these motions with restriction.

Thanks for reading!



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