Sunday, January 2, 2011

General Tricks

Here are some simple tricks that help me out when I'm modding and cleaning my models. If you're like me, you don't have great access to a lot of specific tools. So in many cases I make my own or use what I have in different ways.

1) Poor Man's Sanding Pad:

I have a nice set of files and some different grain sand papers. But sometimes I sort of need something in the middle. I like how the files have an edge so I can get right up against something but they can be too rough and sometimes scrape away more then I want. Sand paper is great for cleaning and polishing surfaces but doesn't have a edge for tight spaces. So I came up with a solution. Just take a thin strip of scrap pla plate and fold your sand paper around it. This will give you a good balance of precision and scraping power for cleaning tight areas. The great thing about it, is you can cut and shape the pla plate that you have the sand paper wrapped around to be thinner or thicker so it fits you specific needs. And that's the Poor Mans Sanding Pad.

2) Pla Pipe Cutting Without a Pipe Cutter

Some of the thicker pla pipes can become a bit sloppy if you simply try to cut through them with your side cutters. It will cut through just fine but the pressure applied will cause the edge you're cutting to warp. You'll end up with one end shaped like an oval instead of a circle. To some modelers this isn't that big a deal. But, I got tired of trying to reshape the ends of the pipes after cutting them. So I came up with this solution. After you mark where you want to cut the pipe. Take you side cutters and put the on the line like you're about to cut through it. Then add slight pressure with the side cutters as you start to turn the pipe. Continue to increase the pressure with the side cutters until the pipe is scored enough to break off or it falls off on it's own. You might have to sand the edges but the end of the pipe should be nice a circular.

Stay tuned, more to come....




    Since you are in the US, check out home depot
    for a small caliber pipe cutter, I got one for
    about 4$ gives you precise cuts.

  2. Thanks Kriz, I'll look into that.


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