Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/144 Unicorn Gundam Chapter 1

EDIT: I have it on Kriz's, of KrizCreations, authority that Testers Sprays are really bad for painting your models. I'll post my opinions once I finish this guy. I just wanted to caution anyone who read this post and might be interested in getting Testers Sprays.

Got this kit for Christmas and finally got around to doing some painting. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it, I didn't want to do a straight build. So I decided to paint the white and clear red runners different colors. This is a bit different from how I normally paint. I usually build the model, then tape the pieces to a flat surface and spray paint them. This time I'm painting straight onto the runners becuse I'm feeling a little lazy and wanted to try a different painting approach. Another thing that should be noted is that I'm using some different paints then usual. I normally order tamiya sprays from Burbanks House of Hobbys. A few days ago I went to Micheal's (a pretty common craft store in the states) to get a new hobby knife and found out that they sell Tester model paints. I wanted to give them a go considering I could buy the locally which is a plus.

I chose to do a Flat Olive Drab on the white pieces, which is a spray enamel paint. Then silver (Diamond Dust) on the clear red pieces, which is a Lacquer Paint. I wasn't too sure how these would work but so far I'm pleased with the results.

I started by taping the runners to some coat hangers. Then I took them out side and sprayed them down. Then hung them to dry. Keep in mind that they only have one coat applied right now. I still have to spray another and then make sure I got all the crevasses.

I think it will look pretty cool when its done. I also want to try and sponge on some paint chipping effects later. It would be good practice because I would like to do some of those effects on the Zeong Bear.



  1. NOOOOOOO, alright bro please take what i'm about to share with you as constructive crit.
    There are a ton of places in the state's to get good paint and testor's is not one of them(I have 25yrs experience with spraypaint) this paint is prone to overspray and picky about temp to begin with I have ruined plenty kits with this crap paint. 2nd its not the best idea to paint on the runner because you cant remove seem lines and you should know thats a big thing. 3rd the paint job can be messed up when you clip them from the spruces...I ruined 15 kits doing this same process.
    I am gonna pm you at mac about some tips and tricks as well as place's and good paints.


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