Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Speaking of resin kits...

E2046.com is selling a lot of cool resin kits with FREE SHIPPING! Its on select items, I imagine they're trying to get rid of some kits to make room for new ones, but there are some cool ones none the less. Including the one I bought. I got the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra. I'm not too familiar with this suit but it looks pretty cool and was around 50$ when I purchased it (now 40$ with free shipping). Its just my luck to buy a kit and then three weeks later its being sold for ten bucks less T_T. I'll get over it, haha. It doesn't say that there are region restrictions on the offer, so If you're looking into trying your first resin kit, like me, this might be a good chance to get a decent kit for a good price. Because some of these kits get EXPENSIVE. Just click the link below to see the free shipping items.


If anyone wants to buy me the MSZ-006 Hyper Z that'd be cool, hihi.


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