| Gunpla: Defined

Gunpla refers to Gundam Plastic Models, Gundams being the large mechs depicted in the long running Japanese cartoon series. The models themselves range in size and in build difficulty. Every model has a specific Scale and Grade.

The two most common sizes are 1/144 scale and 1/100 scale models. 1/144s range from about 5 to 6 inches tall, while 1/100s are about 7 to 8 inches tall. There are also a few other scales like 1/60 and 1/72 which will obviously be much large then the 1/144s and 1/100s.

As far as grades go there are four main ones. The first is No Grade. These models are really inexpensive. However, although you may be able to get them for under ten bucks you really sacrifice articulation and detail. Some people like No Grades, but I'm not a big fan.

Most of my collection is made up of High Grades
High Grades have a good amount of detail and most have good if not great articulation. Another selling point for the high grades are their price. You can easily find a sweet HG 1/144 and some 1/100 kits for under twenty bucks (plus shipping if bought online). 

Next up are Master Grades
The big difference between the MGs and the HGs is that you build a frame first and then attach all the armaments on top of the frame. While that feature is awesome these kits are more expensive but well worth it.

Lastly we have Perfect Grades
These are not for beginners. Perfect Grades, like the Master grades, have a frame underneath. However, they take it to a whole new level. They have intricate working pistons and complex joints and to top it off these things are 1/60 in scale. All that said, a PG kit could cost you a few hundred bucks so you'd better be serious.

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