Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Delta Plus Prologue

Look at what came in the mail today! The 1/144 Delta Plus! As far as the UC series is concerned this is one of my favorite designs. For this build I have a lot in mind. I still have the Zabanya to finish up but that will give me some time to iron out some ideas I have for the Delta. Basically, my plan is to completely overhaul this kit with the same kind of quality that Eday puts into his masterpieces EDAY'S BLOG. That means pistons, minus molds, you name it. I know it's kind of ambitious considering I'm fairly new to modding. I figured I'll never have made an amazing kit unless I try. As if Eday's work wasn't enough inspiration, I also came a cross a resin kit that really gave me some great Ideas. Its the Extra Fit ZZ Gundam I found on GUNPLA SG.

I just love the posture of this guy and I'm going to sort of fuse both the Delta's design and this design. I'm also probably going to do a grey and blue paint scheme like the kit up there. I'll start assembly on this guy after the Zabanya and hopefully by then I can order the majority of option parts I want to use for the build. Until then I'll leave you with the unboxing.



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