Friday, November 26, 2010

Zabanya Saga Wip Chapter 2


I did a lot of relaxing yesterday and was able to make a decent amount of progress on the model. Got the pieces under the shoulder pretty much finished added some other random pla plates on some other parts.

As you can see, I added the sides on to these pieces after I shortened them a bit. I made the sides long so that I'd be able to trim them down and smooth the edge, but I like the way they look longer then the rest of the piece so I decided to keep them as such.

Afterwords, I added another piece of pla to fill in the void on top. Then after some filing and sanding I got these.

Here I added some pla on the front skirts like I did with the back. They were lookin kinda flat and I wanted add some depth to them.

I also shaved some off the "toe claws" cause I wasn't really liking them. I still need to do some more modding to them but for now this enough. I also sanded down the top rear thruster so I could add some after mark rockets or what have you.

Lastly, I wanted to assemble the majority of the parts to check out what it will look like.



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