Monday, November 8, 2010

HG 1/100 Serpent Custom

I've been wanting to paint a model for a while now and I thought that for my first one I should chose one of my models that I'm not that attached to, just in case I would screw up and destroy the model inadvertently. Hence the Serpent Custom. Luckly I didn't destroy it :) in fact I'm really happy with the results. There are a few places I'm not too pleased with like the front of the legs. I guess I should mention that for the model I just wanted to practice painting and add a few option parts and decals. So I didn't get around to getting rid of the seam lines, I'll do that on my next build.

So you may notice that the shield looks familiar. Well, the story goes: I was looking at my Astray Red Frame and checking out the shield to see if it would look cool with the Serpent. While messing with the shield I accidentally broke the piece that attaches the shield the the Astray's arm. I took that as a sign to go ahead and use it. Also check out the sweet thrusters, yay option parts.

Of all the weapons that came with the Serpent this beam cannon is the only one I really like. Don't really dig the "gimmicky" Gatlings and the other gun that it came with is just absurd. You may notice I modded it to hold the beam saber.
Here is some other details.


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