Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zabanya Saga Wip Chapter 1


Here is some more progress with what I'm calling "Zabanya Saga."

Wanted to extend the piece on the outside of the arm that attaches under the shoulder. I ended up making it too long, but that's an easy fix. I started with marking the outline of the shoulder piece so not to interfere with it.

I added a long piece of pla plate to the little edge there and then added a shorter piece under it to thicken it. Add this is what you can do if you don't have any clamps :)

And there you have it. Or... well most of it. I'm going to add some sides to it after I shorten the piece. I also might fill in the under side of it.

I also was working on the chest plate piece. One difference the Cherudim Saga had from the regular Cherudim was a thicker chest piece. So for my Saga version I wanted to thicken it as well. It was a pretty easy process. I took three rectangular pieces of .75mm pla plate glued them on and then filed the unwanted parts off. It still needs some work, but it's pretty much done. Then I added the little chest sensor on top to see what it will look like.

Other than that, I thought about some additions to the shoulders. I'm thinking of adding some pla plate to it and possibly making them capable of carrying some shield bits. Anyway, this is the rough start of the design.


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